Introducing FastCoin – The World’s Fastest Bitcoin Alternative Gaining Traction in The Cryptocurrency Ecosystem


FastCoin Badge

In late May 2013 FastCoin (FST) was launched; its primary innovation being to have the fastest transaction speeds of any digital currency currently in existence. Compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minute block times the FastCoin network has just a 12 second target block time with transactions fully confirming in 48 seconds. Based on the same fundamentals as the Bitcoin protocol FastCoin is a blockchain based, decentralized, peer 2 peer worldwide digital currency with no central issuing authority. FastCoin has seen a rapid rate of adoption, with the coin’s market cap briefly reaching $250 000 USD in early August, and the official website,, seeing constantly increasing traffic and serving thousands of unique hits every month. The coin is backed by a team of developers and FastCoin enthusiasts from all over the world; including the USA, Europe, Australia, UK, Russia, China, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, India and more.

Marc Saltzman, a Canadian media journalist has contacted team FastCoin and is hosting one of the FastCoin members as a guest speaker on their popular radio show “Tech Talk” this Sunday, Sept 1 at 5pm EST. Marc is a well respected Canadian Journalist that specializes in technology segments and he has been featured on CNN, Fox news, CBC and more.

FastCoin Marc Saltzman Tech Talk Banner

The official FastCoin website, is based in Toronto, Canada, but the core development team consists of 10 highly qualified individuals from all over the world. The majority of the core team are primarily system engineers: seasoned veterans of the IT ecosystem, with some possessing over 25 years experience in the industry. Some members of team FastCoin possess teaching backgrounds having taught computer science at the University and College Level. Others have held relatively key positions for high profile international IT companies such as Microsoft, Symantec and ATI. FastCoin also has professionals with MBA’s and global work experience; aiding the business analysis aspects of managing the FST project. All have been actively involved in the cryptocurrency space for years; enthusiastically mining Bitcoin and participating in the emerging digital currency economy. Christopher Tao is regarded as the head developer of FastCoin and the coin’s primary creator.

Reflecting the popularity of the coin, the official FastCoin twitter account has over 10 000 followers and this is rapidly growing month after month. With its fast transaction speeds the FastCoin team is also actively targeting the mobile space and to this end they have released an Android FastCoin wallet which is currently in Beta – but functional. Due to its lightning fast transaction speeds FastCoin offers tangible benefits for merchants who accept FST as a payment method; any website or business who reaches out to the FastCoin team looking to accept FST will be warmly received.

With its highly qualified and motivated core development team, strong social media presence, rising popularity and primary innovation of being the fastest transacting digital currency in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, FastCoin has a bright future ahead. With FST having reached a market cap of $250 000 USD in early August, this is no doubt a foreshadowing of bigger things to come.

To learn more about FastCoin please go to:

To see FastCoin on Canadian radio show Tech Talk please go to:

FastCoin on Twitter:

FastCoin on Facebook:

FastCoin Android App Beta:

FastCoin Sites and Services:

Media Contact:

FastCoin Accepted Here Logo For Merchants:

FastCoin Accepted Here Logo For Merchants

FastCoin is currently the fastest transacting peer 2 peer digital currency in existence; for the technically minded the FST protocol details are as follows:

– 12 second block target.
– 4 confirms per transaction – every transaction confirms in 48 seconds.
– Mining difficulty retargets every hour. Accelerated re-targets are utilized so as to eliminate instamining.
– 32 coins per block, block reward halves roughly every 12 months or 2 592 000 blocks.
– A total of 165 888 000 coins will be minted.
– Connection port is 9526, RPC-port 9527
– Similar to Litecoin, FastCoin utilizes a Scrypt based cryptographic algorithm.

FastCoin Marc Saltzman Tech Talk Banner

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Established Multinational Investment Firm Plunges Into Bitcoin Funding Next Generation ASICs and Global Digital Currency Supercomputer Centre

Next generation Bitcoin ASIC miners From Bitmine AG

In early 2013 Massive Luck Investments Limited, a Hong Kong based New Technology Investment Holding Group with offices in Manila, Philippines, Shanghai, China, and Dublin, Ireland, moved aggressively into the Bitcoin space by actively funding the development of next generation Bitcoin mining ASIC technology and establishing the first Global Digital Currency Supercomputer Center. The firm has a history of successfully investing in emerging disruptive technologies. The principals and their families were the first investors in Skype, before the ubiquitous VOIP software became a household name and was subsequently bought by Microsoft Corporation for $8.5 billion. Peter Nolan, head of PR for the Hong Kong based Investment Holding Group, explained how:

We began researching investment opportunities related to digital currencies in early 2012, and by the beginning of 2013 we made a strategic decision to aggressively move into the digital currency “Wild West”. Massive Luck Investments has identified digital currencies as a future growth area for the globally regulated traditional banking sector. Digital currencies provide traceable and expedient transfer protocols for consumers, governments, and banks, with the advantage of enabling users to conduct highly secure, low cost, instant transactions. As the world’s economies increasingly turn to e-commerce and non-physical cash transactions, the global marketplace will demand further integration of digital currencies with regulated infrastructure.

Seizing the unprecedented emerging opportunities in the Bitcoin space, Massive Luck Investments currently owns a major stake in leading cryptocurrency research and ASIC hardware construction corporation Bitmine AG formerly known as Exion Networks SA and registered in Switzerland. Massive Luck Investments seeks to transfer this Swiss engineered machinery and Intellectual Property to its manufacturing and hosting facilities in Asia. Its major partners in this venture will be world leading microchip design groups Synapse, Innosilicon, and Verisilicon, and the top global microchip manufacturer, Global Foundry. Massive Luck Investments is currently in the final stages of making pre-production arrangements of ASIC chip sets, based on the most advanced existing 28-nanometre technology, with both power consumption and hashing power characteristics significantly outperforming any existing or publicly announced Bitcoin mining ASIC technology. Some of these next generation ASICs may be made available to the public, but the great majority will be utilized in their own datacenters, for industrial scale mining.

Beyond its significant investment in next generation Bitcoin mining ASIC technology, Massive Luck Investments is also presently cooperating with the Shanghai Supercomputer Center in China in conducting digital modeling and research to optimize its future digital currency research Supercomputer design. To this end the company employs a highly qualified team of software engineers, mathematicians, network security experts, and gaming industry professionals. The aim is to design and build a world-class Supercomputing digital processing center of the same caliber found in the most advanced projects in Shanghai, Switzerland, and USA. However, this will be the world’s first Supercomputer exclusively applied to the field of cryptocurrency research. The Global Digital Currency Supercomputer Center will serve as a dedicated backbone to cryptocurrency transactions and customer service worldwide.

As a side project in its foray into the world of cryptocurrency, Massive Luck Investments has designed and developed BetCoin™ Dice – a high payout online Bitcoin dice game platform. The first phase was unveiled on August 2nd, 2013 by launching the website BetCoin ™ Dice which can be found at Based on the same technology behind Satoshi Dice which sold this past June for $11.5 Million USD, BetCoin ™ Dice is unique in featuring the highest instant Bitcoin payouts in the world, the highest accepted wagers and a very low house edge. The equivalent in Bitcoin of up to $1 Million USD can be won from a $15 wager. Players can win up to several thousand Bitcoin in a single bet, becoming instant millionaires. The platform operates using an embedded algorithm, which is provably fair. Utilizing the unprecedented qualities of Bitcoin, website visitors can play from anywhere worldwide as long as they have saved the list of the betting addresses, even if the website is blocked or can’t be accessed. The service offers unrivalled anonymity, transparency, and efficiency in the Bitcoin gaming sphere. The next million dollar-grade product launch is planned for the second week of August:, and shortly thereafter – BetCoin ™ Dice is launching a full high-definition gaming suite that has no analogies in the Bitcoin industry which can be found at

The last few months have seen a number of big players aggressively enter the rapidly evolving and growing global Bitcoin space. Massive Luck Investments’ ambitious development of next generation ASICs, a Global Digital Currency Supercomputer Center, and launching the unrivalled BetCoin ™ Dice platform is no exception. It could be argued that the scope, scale and vision of Massive Luck Investments has no rival at the present time in the global Bitcoin ecosystem, as the firm moves to take advantage of the unprecedented emerging opportunities the disruptive cryptocurrency Bitcoin has made available to risk takers and visionaries worldwide.

To see Massive Luck Investments’ first complete Bitcoin project please go to:

To learn more about Bitmine AG’s next generation ASIC development project please go to:


NAME: Mr. Peter Nolan


Betcoin Dice

Betcoin Casino

Betcoin Circle

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‘The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin’ Book Released – Bitcoin Explained For Beginners

The Idiots Guide To Bitcoin


Sydney suburbanite and freelance illustrator, Gustaf van Wyk, has taken it upon himself to spread the love of digital currency by creating The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin: announcing its unofficial launch yesterday. It’s been a long overdue development in the Bitcoin world and represents an activist’s effort to promote and explain Bitcoin to the everyday man and his dog. The book is squarely aimed at Bitcoin beginners; covering everything they need to know to get to grips with the fundamentally disruptive technology which is Bitcoin. The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin comes with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee and is currently available for the very reasonable price of 0.07 BTC or $7.77.

The stronger Bitcoin gets the more of a threat it becomes to the very institutions that have the buying power to completely disrupt and destroy it. According to the author, the survival of the digital currency revolution lies fundamentally in its widespread use as a means of exchange, not in it as an investment.

In yesterday’s short interview he said, “by giving it (Bitcoin) objective value on the street we can take a significant stand against the fight that Bitcoin will have to inevitably endure before it can truly change the world. The book, if nothing else, is a gesture towards that end.”

Written for broader society The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin is beautifully illustrated in full colour by the author himself and effectively clarifies all the processes and technologies required to make the most of Bitcoin on a day to day level. It has already received positive feedback from readers; though it has yet to reach the larger audience which it so enthusiastically targets. The ebook is available at, a site which will also hosts the author’s blog, but it will be made available to affiliates within the coming weeks. The author described the project as a dynamic process that will evolve alongside Bitcoin and its counterparts and said that we can expect much more work from him in the Bitcoin space in the future.

The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin comes with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee and is currently available for the very reasonable price of 0.07 BTC or $7.77.

To learn more about “The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin” :

Media Contact:

Name: Gustaf van wyk



Bitcoin for beginners book Buy the idiots guide to bitcoin

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World’s First Stolen Bitcoin Tracing Service And Bitcoin Data Recovery – High Profile Digital Forensic Services Company SYTECH Embraces Bitcoin

Sytech Logo


High profile UK based Digital Forensic Services Company SYTECH – (Systems Technology Consultants Ltd.) has been in business since 1978 – working with International Governments, Law Enforcement, Corporate and Private sectors and is known worldwide for its upstanding reputation, accreditation, cost-effectiveness and speedy processing of assignments. SYTECH’s Digital Forensics services’ have been integral to many high profile Court Cases and investigations across the globe including ‘Memogate’, and the recent conviction of UK serial murderer Dale Cregan. In August 2013 SYTECH announced its move into Bitcoin: offering data recovery services to salvage coins from damaged hard drives, mobile phones and other storage mediums. SYTECH is accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for its services, and offering a 5% discount to any client who pays in Bitcoin. In a world first, SYTECH has announced a stolen Bitcoin tracing and recovery service; turning its decades of digital forensics expertise to tracing online Bitcoin criminals and recovering stolen Bitcoin for their clients.

The company is offering a Bitcoin retrieval service to individuals, companies and businesses around the globe who may need Bitcoin recovered from damaged hard drives, memory cards and mobile phones. With its professional standing, years of experience and fast turnaround SYTECH is poised to become the service Bitcoin companies, businesses and enthusiasts will utilise to urgently recover Bitcoin from damaged or compromised storage devices.

Although not yet advertised on the SYTECH website, the company is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for any and all services rendered. Clients who pay in Bitcoin will receive a 5 percent discount: the forward thinking Digital Forensics Company is seeking to hold Bitcoin and embrace the numerous benefits of accepting Bitcoin over traditional payment methods.

SYTECH is registered with the UK Register of Expert Witnesses, is Bond Solon Courtroom Trained and Sweet & Maxwell checked. The company will work with clients in both the Corporate and Private sectors to trace and recover stolen Bitcoin and identify the perpetrator(s). If anyone has the proven track record and digital forensic skills to bring Bitcoin cyber criminals to justice it is SYTECH.

As the diversity of offerings and liquidity of the global Bitcoin ecosystem continues to grow, it is not surprising to see a well-established, reputable and professional company such as SYTECH aggressively target the Bitcoin space. SYTECH’s world class stolen Bitcoin recovery service is a world first; a major contribution to the professionalism and stability of the Bitcoin space. With evermore professional Bitcoin companies commencing operations worldwide demand for enterprise level Bitcoin recovery services is projected to rise and forward thinking SYTECH is well positioned to dominate this emerging and important niche of the global Bitcoin ecosystem.

To see the full range of services offered by SYTECH please go to:

To learn more about SYTECH’s move into the Bitcoin space please contact:

Name: Simon Lang – Digital Forensics Manager


Phone: +44 (0) 1782 286300

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Spend Bitcoin On Everything, Everywhere With All4BTC – Automatically Purchase From eBay, Amazon And Anywhere Else Online

Spend Bitcoin On Everything, Everywhere With All4BTC- Automatically Purchase From eBay, Amazon And Anywhere Else Online


Based in Berlin, Germany, All4BTC was launched in April 2013: a Bitcoin service allowing consumers to purchase anything from eBay, Amazon, and anywhere else online with Bitcoin, without needing to convert coins to fiat first. Originally conceived due to the lack of spending options available for Bitcoiners in Europe, All4BTC has rapidly grown into one of the largest Bitcoin proxy purchasing services available online: now processing over 400 orders every month from customers worldwide. Differentiating itself from similar services, All4BTC is the first Bitcoin proxy buying service to utilize a fully automated system for processing customers’ Amazon and eBay orders.

All4BTC aims to make purchasing items with Bitcoin as intuitive and user friendly as possible. Amazon and eBay purchases are fully automated with All4BTC’s innovative 3 step system: the customer simply pastes in the eBay or Amazon item URL, fills in their shipping details, and sends the Bitcoin to All4BTC via Bitpay. The customer’s order is then processed automatically by All4BTC’s state of the art automatic Amazon and eBay ordering system. All4BTC’s eBay and Amazon ordering can be seen at

Beyond revolutionizing the ease with which anyone can now spend their Bitcoin on eBay and Amazon, it is also possible to order an item from any online store worldwide by simply filling in the web form at . To ensure speed of fulfillment for the end user these manual orders are processed 3 times every day, during Berlin business hours.

If safety is a concern, it is no more when dealing with All4BTC. All purchases are made using only a virtual Bitcoin and physical residential address. There is no need to include any other payment information, ensuring nobody can steal credit card numbers, bank account information or even worse, identities. All purchases are secure, safe and anonymous.

With All4BTC’s automatic Amazon and eBay ordering system and 3 times daily processing of all other orders, All4BTC gives Bitcoin enthusiasts the purchasing flexibility they have dreamed of since the inception of this unprecedented cryptocurrency. It is not surprising that All4BTC is now processing over 400 orders monthly, with order volume increasing month after month. As a whole, the global Bitcoin ecosystem itself is more robust and liquid due to the innovative services and purchasing flexibility All4BTC offers to Bitcoiners worldwide.

To see All4BTC for yourself please go to:

To Learn More Please Contact:

 Contact: Jörg von Minckwitz


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A Fast, Simple Way To Cash Out Bitcoin to Paypal: Exchange Service Enables Anyone To Exchange Bitcoins For MoneyPak Codes Quickly And Securely

In April 2013 was founded by Brian Anders: a fast automated service enabling anyone to easily sell their Bitcoins’ in exchange for MoneyPak codes. MoneyPaks can be used to fund a PayPal account without the risk of chargebacks which often plague Bitcoiners selling BTC for Paypal directly to buyers. Bitcoins exchanged at Koukan Exchange can also be used to fund prepaid MoneyPak cards directly.

Koukan Exchange’s system has the ability to send the MoneyPak code automatically after the Bitcoin payment has been confirmed 3 times (which usually takes 15-30 minutes depending on the Bitcoin network). This makes selling Bitcoins via Koukan Exchange one of the fastest methods for Bitcoiners to cash out into fiat available. Bitcoins can be exchanged for MoneyPaks ranging in value from 50 USD to 500 USD and the BTC to USD exchange rate is pulled live from

The exchange is fully anonymous, fast, and features low transaction fees of 7% on top of the exchange rate. Even if the customer does not cash out their MoneyPak into Paypal without the risks of chargebacks – hundreds of merchants currently accept MoneyPaks, and the full list is available at For example Bitcoiners can pay their Dish monthly bill, or MetroPCS bill. Koukan Exchange always has a large reserve of MoneyPaks on hand to ensure a smooth transaction for their customers and online support staff are also on hand to help resolve any issues quickly and professionally.

Koukan Exchange is a fast, automated way for Bitcoiners to cash out into Paypal without the fear of chargebacks which are normally associated with Bitcoin to Paypal transactions. As the number of options for buying into and cashing out of the Bitcoin ecosystem continue to grow, a professional service like Koukan Exchange is an important part of this process – as one of the fastest and easiest ways for anyone to convert their Bitcoins into MoneyPaks and Paypal, worldwide.

To see the benefits of Koukan Exchange for yourself go to:

To Learn More Please Contact:

Contact: Brian Anders


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Send Bitcoin Via Email To Friends And Family Even If They Do Not Have a Bitcoin Wallet: New Bitcoin Service MailACoin Launches

Worldwide This April Matt Edwards launched Bitcoin service which enables anyone, worldwide, to send Bitcoin to anyone else in the world, as long as the recipient has an email address. Matt was frustrated such a service did not already exist, so he created one.

MailACoin lets anyone send Bitcoin to any email address quickly and easily, even if the recipient does not currently have a Bitcoin wallet. To save time MailACoin also allows the sending of Bitcoin to multiple email addresses simultaneously. Bitcoin gifts can be tracked online and senders are automatically refunded their Bitcoins if the recipient does not claim the Bitcoin within one week. Email updates are also supplied so senders can track who has claimed their Bitcoin gift.

MailACoin is designed to be as user friendly as possible: creating a Bitcoin gift only takes a few seconds – no registration or lengthy sign up forms required. For the recipient too it is a very simple and straightforward process to claim the Bitcoin. A nominal fee of 0.3% is added to each gift to cover the Bitcoin network transaction costs.

In Matt’s own words, MailACoin was designed to enable anyone to send Bitcoin to someone else “as a gift, to help spread the word, and to make sure they would also enjoy some of the long-term growth in Bitcoin value that will (hopefully) take place over the next decade or two”. With Bitcoin adoption rates soaring worldwide many Bitcoin enthusiasts are looking for ways to introduce friends and family to Bitcoin in a user friendly way. MailACoin is definitely a solution. Now anyone can send Bitcoin to anyone else even if they do not yet have a BTC wallet, aiding in the adoption of Bitcoin worldwide and exposing ever more people to this disruptive technology.

For more information about MailACoin please contact:

Contact: Matt Edwards


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Bitcoin Trading Platform Launches Private Beta: Offering Long and Short Leveraged Bitcoin Position Trading

Worldwide This May Joe Lee opened to private beta: a professional Bitcoin trading platform enabling traders to speculate on future Bitcoin price movements by going long or short. is the only Bitcoin trading platform in the world to accept Bitcoin only trading balances: there is no USD or fiat account required. Positions can be opened for varying lengths of time; from a few hours to days or even weeks for a small daily fee to keep the position open.

Bitcoin investors can now profit from long and short positions, and hedge their Bitcoin positions against the possibility of a falling Bitcoin price. A passionate Bitcoin enthusiast and trader, Joe coded his own algorithmic trading bots from scratch, enabling him to very profitably trade the Bitcoin market. His primary goal with is to share his proprietary technology with Bitcoin traders worldwide, and to improve the Bitcoin ecosystem through injecting more liquidity into the global Bitcoin space.

Traders can register their interest in the private beta at

More information about                     

When a position is opened trades are automatically placed on the Bitcoin markets by Joe’s proprietary software. Positions are leveraged, meaning that trades are placed at 100 times the value of the bet: this effectively means that profits or losses will be geared. Positions are automatically liquidated if a trader’s balance cannot sustain the loss from an unprofitable position, limiting the trader’s exposure to risk, while still enabling them to take advantage of the enormous potential upside the platform offers. Professional Bitcoin speculators can now profit in both bear and bull Bitcoin markets. has integrated many advanced Bitcoin security measures to ensure both the integrity of customer accounts, and the safety of customer funds. To protect client logins 2 factor authentication is an option for all users. Additionally, no hot wallets are used on the site, all funds are held in an offline vault, and no private keys are held on the server. There is a 24 hour processing time for withdrawals and these are processed manually as an added layer of security. All payments are processed after accounts have been reconciled, which occurs on a daily basis. Implementing the above security measures, is positioning itself as a professional and secure Bitcoin long and short trading platform which traders can trust. is currently backed by $150 000 of private capital, and Joe Lee is seeking investors who would be interested in backing the advanced Bitcoin financial instruments brings to the table. He will be travelling to New York soon in a bid to secure more investment.

Bitcoin’s explosive growth in the last few months has seen the emergence of a plethora of innovative businesses servicing new niches in the Bitcoin ecosystem. As the only leveraged Bitcoin trading platform in the world to accept Bitcoin only trading balances, the emergence of is an important part of this process. A highly secure and profitable trading platform such as is an exciting development in demonstrating the increasingly professional financial instruments available to Bitcoin traders.  With’s innovative platform Bitcoin investors can now profit from long and short positions, and hedge their Bitcoin positions against the possibility of a falling Bitcoin price.

Traders can express their interest in the private beta at

For Press and Investment Enquiries Please Contact:

Joe Lee


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Some of The Press Release distribution and Press Mentions:

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Vircurex Review – Trade and Exchange BTC, LTC, DVC, FTC, TRC, NMC, PPC, IXC, USD and EUR Cryptocurrency Exchange

Vircurex is a privately owned cryptocurrency exchange platform for BTC, LTC, DVC, FTC, TRC, NMC, PPC and IXC supporting the buying and selling of Bitcoins and its many derivatives. The platform offers buying and selling, underwriting options, coupons and a full trading API. Virtual currencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Devcoin, Feathercoin, Terracoin, Namecoin, PPCoin, IXCoin can be exchanged for Euro,  USD, and each other on Vircurex. Vircurex is a respected member of the crypto community, withdrawals and deposits are always fast, and the owner Kumala always keeps users updated on the latest with the exchange.

Supporting a huge range of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, DVC, FTC, TRC, NMC, PPC, IXC and more, Vircurex is fast becoming one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms out there. Enabling anyone, worldwide, to trade in and out of these many currencies in the alternative cryptocurrency ecoystem.

To begin trading on Vircurex with less trading fees please click here

Vircurex offers the largest selection online of any crypto exchange and trades the following currency pairs:

BTC Bitcoin Exchange:

Bitcoin / United States Dollars – BTC / USD

Bitcoin / Euro – BTC / EUR

Bitcoin / Litecoin – BTC / LTC

Bitcoin / Devcoin – BTC / DVC

Bitcoin / Feathercoin – BTC / FTC

Bitcoin / IXCoin – BTC / IXC

Bitcoin / Namecoin – BTC / NMC

Bitcoin / Terracoin – BTC / TRC

DVC Devcoin Exchange:


LTC Litecoin Exchange:


FTC FeatherCoin Exchange:


NMC Namecoin Exchange:


TRC Terracoin Exchange:


PPC PPCoin Exchange: 


To begin trading on Vircurex with less trading fees please click here



Bitcoin Enthusiast Petitioning Online Football / Soccer League Game “ManagerLeague” to Accept Bitcoin as a Payment Method

About the ManagerLeague online game and Leo’s Bitcoin petition:

Leo, a passionate player of the online browser-based football game ManagerLeague is currently petitioning the game to accept Bitcoin as a payment method, and is reaching out to the wider Bitcoin community to help make this happen.

The online browser-game ManagerLeague has just started its 100th online season. Since the launch of the game in September 2005, almost 1 000 000 people from over 180 countries have played the game. Today, there are 45 000 active players, and the earliest players have been with the game since launch. While the game is free to play, certain features require credits which can currently only be purchased with Paypal. Leo, a member of the Romanian League in the game, is a huge fan of both Bitcoin and ManagerLeague, and is petitioning ManagerLeague to accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

The online game is the fastest free football manager game, with 2 matches each day from Monday to Friday, resulting in a season played every month. There are 32 national leagues, as well as one International League; where managers from all over the globe are fighting to win the title. The Champions League winner receives a real cup trophy at home, and each league and cup winner also receives a real diploma in the mail. Features include trainings, custom cups, training camps, friendlies matches, teamless players and more.

Currently, ManagerLeague players can only purchase credit in Paypal approved countries, limiting the potential user base of the game. In Leo’s own words, if Manager League accepts “purchase with Bitcoins, then virtually any manager from any country may buy these”. The other benefits of taking Bitcoin as a payment method include: no fraud and chargebacks, being seen as a tech savvy business, and the huge potential upside of being involved in this cutting edge decentralized cryptocurrency.

Leo is seeking support from the wider Bitcoin community to help ensure ManagerLeague becomes the first global online football game in the world to deal in Bitcoin. They could easily integrate BitPay into their existing shopping cart, and convert the Bitcoin directly into USD or their currency of choice if they wished.

If you are interested you can sign up for ManagerLeague here.

How you can help:

You can help by e-mailing ManagerLeague and recommending they accept Bitcoin as a payment method at: advertising(at)

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