NODE Second Generation Cryptocurrency With Different Codebase To Bitcoin Launches

NODE Screenshot


Bitcoin Press Release: Coded from scratch in node.js cryptocurrency NODE features 50 – 100 confirmations per second, upcoming NodePay EUR, USD and BTC integration and Proof of Activity algorithm launching next week.

After almost a year in development, recently launched NODE is a second generation cryptocurrency built from scratch in node.js that features encrypted messaging and NodePay launching in February 2015: the first hybrid international electronic payment system that allows users to pay bills and shop online, and send and receive remittances in NODE, USD, BTC and EUR. The NODE wallet client is 100% original and will feature full NODE, EUR, USD and BTC integration for sending and receiving funds on a decentralized peer to peer network. Experimental NODE wallet clients are also available for download for Windows, Mac and Linux. With more than 50-100 confirmations per second NODE possesses lightning fast confirmation of transactions; allowing NODE to compete with Visa. The NODE White Paper contains more information.

The NodePay system has a high degree of security, speed of transactions and a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options. NodePay also features some of the lowest fees (ranging from 0%), an easy to use client (simple and intuitive interface), full automation of operations and qualified customer support. The system is designed to be transparent and neutral. All information regarding NodePay money supply is always available in the NODE blockchain: balances can be easily verified and used in real time. No one person or organization can control or manipulate the decentralized NODE protocol because it is cryptographically secure.

Whenever users access their wallets they become a node in the decentralized NODE network. By using NODE users themselves secure NODE’s decentralized peer to peer network. On laptops and ordinary computers NODE users can also earn NODE by helping secure the network and keeping their wallet open through an automatic process called “forging”. In this way NODE is accessible to anyone with a computer worldwide and seeks to curb environmentally unsustainable mining races such as currently being seen with Bitcoin.

Next week NODE development team is ready to launch their new in-house cryptographic Proof of Activity (PoA) algorithm that helps users secure the network. With their 100% original code base, accessible wallet at, simplicity of forging, plans for NodePay decentralized payment network and the active NODE development team ready to release NODE’s original PoA algorithm; NODE is a stand-out in an increasingly crowded cryptocurrency ecosystem.

To learn more please go to:

Trade NODE for Bitcoin at:

Read the detailed NODE White Paper at:

Visit NODE on bitcointalk:

Media Contact:

Name: Roman


*This press release is for informational purposes only.

NODE Technical Specs:

Algorithm: Curve 25519

Type: Proof of Activity (PoA)

Block Time: 60 seconds

Node.js: v0.10.30

NODE Screenshot

Main NODE Wallet

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Bitcoin Press Release: The world’s first licensed and regulated online Bitcoin gaming platform have announced a new Bitcoin blackjack table: another world first in Bitcoin gaming.

Adding to their inventory of 200+ HD Bitcoin gaming offerings; is pleased to announce the launch of their new Bitcoin Blackjack games. This new Bitcoin blackjack game builds on’s successful first 9 months of operation: acquiring over 50 000 players and paying out thousands of Bitcoin, including a recent 65BTC ($25,000) Jackpot win in October. Players can wager from 1mBTC (roughly 40¢) up to 600mBTC (~$230); playing up to 5 hands simultaneously. The software is built with state of the art technology providing a seamless casino experience: one that would typically be associated with the big players in the traditional gaming industry.

The new Bitcoin Blackjack game also comes with a number of options; allowing the player to customise their experience with faster/slower game speeds, alternate card styles and sound options. An all new ‘autoplay’ feature has also been introduced; allowing players to select their chosen strategy and leave the cards to automatically play themselves – providing additional comfort to users.’s website has also undergone a full redesign, providing an improved user experience and allowing players to get in on the action through their mobile:

“We have experienced extraordinary growth, both in terms of new player registrations and overall turnover, and the feedback on our games has been excellent. That’s why we’re reinvesting as much as we can into new games like Bitcoin Blackjack – we are now bringing a mainstream experience to this new and exciting cryptocurrency market. The rapid adoption of Bitcoin worldwide and the simplicity of processing deposits and withdrawals, has seen a huge influx of players from countries we would have never imagined. ” Says’s Director of Operations

About is the world’s first legally licensed and regulated online Bitcoin-only gaming platform. Owned and operated by mBet Solutions NV, is licensed to conduct online gaming operations by the government of Curacao under gaming license 8048-M2105544.

In total,’s platform features more than 110 Bitcoin casino games. Games include 3D video slots such as “Mr. Vegas” as well as traditional games like blackjack and roulette. also offers Live dealers including Live Bitcoin Dice and Live Bitcoin Lotto games. In just the first 9 months of operation the Bitcoin gaming platform served over 50 000 new players worldwide. Moving forward plans to further develop in-house custom online gaming infrastructure for cryptocurrency punters worldwide.

To learn more please go to:

Media Contact:

Email: Homepage

bitcasino blackjack

Bitcasino strategy

Bitcasino Blackjack logo

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Umbrella Cryptocurrency Insurance Now Includes Litecoin Coverage In A New Partnership With Poloniex

Umbrella Logo

Press Release: Interim Goal for Umbrella-LTC Price Point is 1:1 with Litecoin.

Umbrella continues to make headway in the cryptocurrency space. Fresh off the release of their roadmap, Umbrella expands its insurance fund to cover Litecoin losses, an industry first. Originally designed as an insured cryptocurrency to be mined alongside Litecoin using merged-mining (AuxPOW), Umbrella now looks to insure Litecoin. The Litecoin insurance beta opens in November to Umbrella members. Umbrella members are anyone holding 1 BTC worth of Umbrella-LTC (ULTC), board members included.

To insure Litecoin, simply purchase and hold a predetermined amount of Umbrella-LTC based on the amount of Litecoin being insured (see calculator). Umbrella-LTC purchase date must precede claim date. Claims can only be made against Umbrella certified exchanges like Poloniex. Since Umbrella operates on the basis of using a crypto asset to insure Litecoin, this one time premium may actually gain value. In the event a claim is opened clients would simply reimburse themselves for a profit. If a client’s premium has lost value, it can be turned in Umbrella Holdings for the agreed coverage amount (Payable in Litecoin). Full details of the program will be announced soon.

Umbrella Holdings are proud to announce their latest partner, Poloniex. Poloniex was very open to the idea of safer, trustworthy cryptocurrency exchanges. They welcomed Umbrella Holdings and agreed to a full security audit compromising of webapp and network penetration tests. Starting immediately, Umbrella-LTC is insured against theft, hacks and insolvency when held on Poloniex. Litecoin losses will also be insured on Poloniex if clients hold an active policy and are part of the beta program.

Umbrella is not insurance in the typical sense. The word is used loosely to help explain the concept. Umbrella uses the innovation of a crypto asset backed insurance system, or (CABI) for short. Half of each block reward is secured during the mining process and held as collateral for claims. Provided all the dotted lines have been signed, reimbursement is a painless process. After the beta ends, features will be fully automated and built into the wallet for a pain free experience.

Beta launches in early November, look for the signup page on Umbrella Holding’s website shortly.

What is Umbrella?

Umbrella solves one of the major problems of owning cryptocurrencies. If cryptocurrency is lost by an exchange due to a hack or insolvency, customer’s options are extremely limited in recovering their losses. Having asset protection in place by reducing risk exposure is a fundamental requirement in today’s financial markets. Wall Street has a variety of ways to deal with risk, from derivatives like options and futures, to more exotic offerings like forwards and swaps. It all comes down to minimizing risk; Umbrella makes this a seamless process. While Umbrella does not solve all the problems plaguing today’s cryptocurrencies or exchanges, they offer something no other cryptocurrency can: peace of mind.

By definition, Umbrella means any kind of general protection. Umbrella-LTC is a merged-mined currency that is insured and scarce by design, a currency that is designed to be acquired and held like a contract. Umbrella believes these properties will lend itself to low volatility and a stable market price. They also believe this winning combination will lead to a good store of value. In the unregulated world of cryptocurrencies, few tools exist to protect the miners and traders who are the backbone of the industry; Umbrella intends to change this.

To learn more please go to:

See the Umbrella Holdings insurance premium calculator:

Umbrella-LTC now trades on Bittrex, Cryptsy, & Poloniex

Media Contact:

Name: Robert Murray


Umbrella Holdings Screenshot

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Bitcoin Payment Company BitSend Launches GPS Check-in Cryptocurrency Checkcoin CKC


Bitcoin Press Release: Netherlands based Bitcoin payment company BitSend has developed disruptive social cryptocurrency Checkcoin; geared to social media users who “check-in” at locations worldwide.

“Checking in” at locations using social media throughout the day is a worldwide phenomenon, and several cryptocurrency enthusiasts in The Netherlands have created new cryptocurrency Checkcoin (CKC) targeting this trend. BitSend, the company behind Checkcoin specializes in Bitcoin payment processing solutions and making cryptocurrencies accessible to ordinary people worldwide. Over the last year the BitSend team has helped many merchants and businesses embrace cryptocurrency using both hardware and software Bitcoin payment solutions.

Like other cryptocurrencies, Checkcoin is a blockchain based medium of exchange that is electronically created and stored. Checkcoin however has many more features: using Checkcoin Mobile users are able to reward each other by discovering great places around the globe. Locations and discoveries are created as “CheckPoints” with a gps-based geolocation created through their Checkpoint Platform. When someone else “checks in” at this location with their mobile phone, they are rewarded with Checkcoins.

Checkcoin brings something new to the table. It’s about discovering new places, exploring the world, and rewarding others for doing the same. For both a traveller setting off on a trip around the world, or a business owner looking for a new marketing tool to attract new customers – Checkcoin is the perfect companion.

The following video illustrates the full potential of Checkcoin and its many uses:

BitSend announced Checkcoin with an ICO (initial coin offering) hosted by cryptocurrency exchange C-Cex. People enjoy visiting new places, meeting new people and sharing new experiences – many shares of Checkcoins were sold. In less than a month all Checkcoins (14 million out of 100 million total) were sold for a total of 140 Bitcoin. These funds will be used for further development, testing and promotion of Checkcoin in future.

While Checkcoin’s ICO was held at C-Cex, several other cryptocurrency exchanges now list CKC trading pairs; including Bter, Cryptsy, Bittrex and Bleutrade listing CKC/BTC trading markets.

Due to being listed on so many cryptocurrency exchanges, more people are learning about Checkcoin and CKC’s market cap has been growing steadily to approximately $100 000 USD. Checkcoin is currently trading above the initial ICO price of a few months ago.

Backed by an established Bitcoin company active in The Netherlands, and targeting disruptive social media and “check-in” trends: Checkcoin is a cryptocurrency with many plans for the future. The BitSend team is still actively developing Checkcoin core infrastructure – with Checkcoin Platform and Checkcoin Mobile currently scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2015.

To learn more please go to:

To trade Checkcoin and BTC please go to:

Media Contact:

Name: Maurice


Phone: +31(0)321 75 04 59

Address: De Tjonger 22a, 8253 PZ, Dronten, Netherlands

Checkcoin Screenshot

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Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches Securing Cyberport Tech Incubator Seed Capital

Bitspark Logo

Bitcoin Press Release: With $530 000 HKD of matching seed capital from Asian tech incubator Cyberport: Bitspark’s recently launched Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange in open Beta features open source code, cryptographically verifiable audits and a commitment to transparency.

Hong Kong based Bitcoin company Bitspark Limited has announced the launch of its public Beta Bitcoin and cryptocurrency Exchange. Bitspark provides the ability for customers to trade multiple cryptocurrencies in a secure, mobile friendly and easy to use environment. Bitspark’s Exchange utilizes open source code, auditable reserves, support of many alt-coins and an intuitive API. Bitspark’s commitment to trust and transparency is underscored by their open codebase, cryptographically verifiable audits and backing of one of Asia’s largest tech incubators: the Cyberport.

Bitspark has been refining the security, user experience and features of the Bitspark Exchange platform to meet customers high expectations and the public beta will enable the start-up to rapidly scale to meet demands. As a special launch promotion Bitspark’s cryptocurrency trading platform is launching with Zero trading fees for the first month.

“With our beta launch we are offering support for six different coins, including new interesting cryptocurrencies that are trending at the moment… We’re all about providing a trustworthy and transparent company, especially in the Bitcoin space.”

“We really want to convey that we’re more than just an exchange, we’re transparent, and we offer more cryptocurrencies than the competition — and we’re going to be adding more every week,” says George Harrap, CEO of Bitspark.

Bitspark has launched a number of innovative cryptocurrency products with more under development. Along with the Bitspark Exchange, Bitspark’s Sparkpool mining platform is a profit based coin switching mining pool already available for public use. Currently, Bitspark is developing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency merchant payment gateways and remittance services. Bitspark seeks to capture the emerging cryptocurrency market in Asia particularly: leveraging their strong product suite, cutting edge transparency, and multi-faceted platform to link customers to the exciting global cryptocurrency markets with ease.

About Bitspark:

Bitspark is a cryptocurrency startup based out of Cyberport, Hong Kong and was one of the top scoring startups of the August batch of 130 companies who applied for funding. Bitspark is staffed by knowledgeable veterans in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from a number of backgrounds – ranging from hardware and software engineering to marketing and management experience. Bitspark has a suite of innovative products targeting the cryptocurrency space and is currently developing and testing new Bitcoin and cryptocurrency services and tools.

To learn more please go to:

Bitspark Blog:

Bitspark Twitter:

Bitspark Facebook:

Bitspark Google+:

Media Contact:

Name: George Harrap, CEO


Address: 100 Cyberport road, Cyberport, Hong Kong

Phone: +852 3166 3800

Bitspark Screenshot

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World’s First Cryptocurrency Cyber Thriller: NXT Film Project Stands And Delivers


Bitcoin Press Release: In a world first, the NXT Film Project is raising funding for its Hollywood-grade cyber thriller film via the NXT Asset Exchange: an emerging cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform.

Loosely based on real life events, the NXT Film Project is an edgy cyber thriller that deftly narrates cyberbullying conducted using web-based communication technology. The plot showcases emerging cryptocurrencies and communities, how they are disruptive to established institutions, and how technology can be used with either good or evil intent. NXT Film Project is managed by three cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are committed to seeing the project succeed and reach it’s full potential.

The NXT Film Project aims to first, educate the lay person about cryptotechnologies by contextually demonstrating the technology’s efficacy and utility via the power of narrative storytelling. Secondly, the unprecedented project seeks to shed light on the criminal element – both petty and organized – seeking to exploit this technology during it’s current infancy.

In addition to the visionary and progressive subject matter of the story itself, the NXT Film Project embraces an innovative method of pre-production financing by utilizing the NXT Asset Exchange (SAE) for crowd-funding. Funding the NXT Film Project via a decentralized cryptocurrency asset exchange is a first in both the film industry and the SAE, for a Hollywood-grade screenplay.

Through utilizing cutting edge technology and tapping into emerging methods of crowd-funding, the NXT Film Project is a true community effort: offering project backers (i.e. asset holders) who reach certain levels of funding an opportunity to participate in the direction of the project.

Community support of the NXT Film Project has been overwhelmingly positive. The current round of pre-production ICO funding is for the screenplay of the world’s first cyber thriller to revolve around block-chain technology. With the full story outline already complete, the team is on schedule to have a marketable screenplay finalized and ready for sale within the next ten weeks.

A substantial portion of the proceeds from the NXT Film Project will go towards rewarding NXT community member Cadence Jean Morton (aka CobaltSkky) in reparation for the vicious harassment she has received while confronting cyberbulling and cyberstalking in the NXT community.

The NXT community as a whole firmly supports members who take a stand against acts of cruelty and unreasonable invasions of privacy. Cadence Jean Morton was directly involved in the events that form the real-life basis and motivation for bringing the NXT Film Project’s story to public awareness.

For more info, please visit and the official announcement thread in the NXT forums.

Media Contact:

Name: Mark M. Bravura


NXT Film Project Screenshot

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Eve Online Corporation And Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting Launched by Cryptocurrency HYPER

HYPER animated banner

Bitcoin Press Release: Gaming cryptocurrency HYPER continues to make huge strides in breaking down the barriers between cryptocurrency and gaming; establishing an Eve Online Corporation where players can be given 25 HYPER per PVP kill in-game. To join the HYPER Eve Online Corporation players simply submit a request to Corporation “Hyper Crypto” in-game. Plans exist to further develop the role of the HYPER Crypto Corporation while remaining within the boundaries of the Eve Online ToS.

Beyond this, HYPER is pleased to announce blockchain based HYPER betting on the outcome of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches on the HYPER Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server. CS:GO enthusiasts can also spectate matches LIVE using SourceTV  CS:GO Server Address:

The HYPER project currently runs the following game servers that integrate, or plan to use, the disruptive gaming currency:

+ (a classic space MMO with a cult following)
+ Counter-Strike
+ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (both CS servers have a monthly blitz where the top player wins 2,000 HYPER)
+ Pokemon Minecraft
+ @HyperTipBot on Twitter allows you to tip any Twitter user instantly in HYPER
+ Just Cause 2 server
+ Minecraft Feed The Beast server
+ Team Speak 3
+ Rust server (under development and coming very soon)

With team members in North America, Europe, and Asia, HYPER is a truly decentralized currency project anyone anywhere can participate in. In the weeks ahead, a number of convenient fiat and credit card payment gateways will become available, making it easy for gamers to buy HYPER with USD using any major credit card and PayPal. For the time being, U.S. exchange is the most popular market for buying or selling HYPER ( Soon, U.S. exchanges CoinMKT and AltMarket will also offer HYPER trading on their platforms.

The HYPER project is also soon to list HYPER as an asset on NXT’s decentralized Asset Exchange; opening up a new market for HYPER trading and aiding overall liquidity in the HYPER ecosystem.

The development team welcomes proposals and inclusion requests from game developers, and has funding available in the form of HYPER bounties. The bounty program allows game developers to ride the upside as HYPER acceptance grows, while also exposing their game to a fanatical user base of affluent gamers. HYPER is firmly establishing itself as the definitive gaming cryptocurrency with the most extensive ecosystem out there for playing, trading, spending and earning HYPER online.

Learn more on bitcointalk:

Official twitter: @hypercrypto

Trade HYPER and Bitcoin:

HYPER screen

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KORECoin Team Announces KOREPhone Smart Phone

kore skype

Bitcoin Press Release: Cryptocurrency KoreCoin is introducing revolutionary anonymous VoIP communication system KOREVoIPA, KOREPhone smart phone hardware, together with several other features so far unprecedented in the cryptocurrency space. An alpha version of KOREVoIPA is already available on the website.

Pure Proof of Stake Anon (PoSA) cryptocurrency KoreCoin brings a new level of anonymity for transaction applications using the markets first embedded TOR PoSA script. KoreCoin will not only support truly anonymous transactions but will soon introduce an entire infrastructure supporting anonymous communications and commerce in order to revolutionize the cryptocurrency space. KoreCoin will be the first to introduce KOREsurf a browser embedded in the wallet that automatically connects to the TOR network ensuring true anonymity for all wallet users, and KOREVoIPA, now in alpha, a free communication system similar to Skype allowing completely anonymous communication within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The devoted KoreCoin team is now proud to present another project already in alpha ‘KOREPhone’ a smart phone compatible with the KORE platforms and specially designed to benefit cryptocurrency users worldwide. KoreCoin is already available on cryptocurrency exchanges, and

“It’s our ambition to make KoreCoin and it’s supporting features platforms the general public will feel comfortable to adopt, use and embrace.” the KORE Development Team

KoreCoin will soon integrate KOREsurf a wallet embedded browser that automatically connects to the TOR network ensuring that all browsing needs remains anonymous. KOREsurf is only one of the solutions in KoreCoins redundancy to introduce technology committed to improve anonymity and utilize decentralization for users on a global scale.

Another vital part of the KORE backbone is KOREVoIPA an unprecedented communication system enabling free anonymous calls worldwide through the coin’s wallet. The Alpha version of KOREVoIPA is already available for download on Alpha phase features includes instant anon messages using KOREs ‘Address to Address’ application similar to Jabber, voice-mail, ‘buddy list’ a phone-book from which the user can call contacts directly and presences notification allowing users to see which contacts are online. KOREVoIPA will be available for multiple platforms such as Windows, OSX and Linux. Beta phase features include KOREPoBA, a unique version of burning coins giving users one more tier of anonymity, real time anonymous video calls using the KORE Address to Address calling option, and traditional calls to any phone number in the world for a miniscule local fee.

The KoreCoin dev team can now reveal a near 4- months’ long ambition to introduce the “KOREPhone” a smart phone specially designed to integrate the KoreCoin system for commerce and communication; allowing anonymity in wallet transactions, address to address phone calls as well as web browsing; with the option to make traditional cell phone calls if necessary. KORE’s development team determined the need for a KOREPhone in July and has since then worked tirelessly to introduce KOREPhone to the public. KOREPhone has several essential apps available for alpha Testing. The KOREPhone will integrate with all KORE platforms in the making, including communication and markets. KORE is now in progress negotiating with a various manufacturers to introduce the KOREPhone to the market for a fair price. KoreCoin devteam will soon make a call to action among app coders and developers worldwide via the “XDA Forums” giving them the opportunity of modifying their apps to be fully compatible with the KOREPhone technology.

KORE intends to be introduce many new progressive solutions in the future specially designed to benefit cryptocurrency businesses and enthusiasts like KORECard and marketplatform KOREBay.

With the introduction of infrastructure such as the communication system KOREVoIPA – compatible with the physical smart phone KOREPhone, and the upcoming launch of KOREsurf: the cryptocurrency community can expect many more cutting edge tools in KORE’s unique line of anonymity innovations.

For more information please visit:

Media contact:

Name: Mike


kore global

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2000 Free Bitcoin GH/s Gift Bags Offered by Cloud Mining Giant ZeusHash


Bitcoin Press Release: ZeusHash is giving away over 30 TH/s of Bitcoin cloud mining power to over 2000 new ZeusHash customers for 4 days ONLY between October 16th and October 20th: to give back to the cryptocurrency community worldwide.

Reputable Scrypt ASIC manufacturer ZeusMiner recently launched innovative cloud hash mining platform ZeusHash. Within two weeks of going live over 10,000 users joined ZeusHash and the cloud mining platform now has Bitcoin and Litecoin cloud mining customers from 110 countries worldwide. ZeusHash is now offering new users the opportunity to receive one of 2000 free ZeusHash Gift Bags with generous amounts of 30Th/s free Bitcoin mining power ranging from 0.5Gh/s to 100Gh/s.

ZeusHash has nodes covering America, Asia and Europe – ensuring that users always receive optimal mining pool latency worldwide when mining Bitcoin and Litecoin. With its extensive mining infrastructure ZeusHash is integral to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This ensures costumers can purchase sustainable hashing power at heavily discounted prices. Zeus has partnered with several companies including well-established Bitcoin ASIC mining manufacturer  RockMiner: to provide hashing power with less effort and at cheap prices. As part of ZeusHash’s GO LOCAL Campaign national local distributors in Italy, Germany, Indonesia and many more countries are expressing interest; the platform is now also translated into many languages including  Russian, Chinese and Italian.

In line with Zeus giving back to the community and delivering a little bit more for a little bit less with their constant give-a ways for new and existing clients; ZeusHash is now releasing 2000 free ZeusHash Gift Bags for new users between October 16th and October 20. The give-a way is a live random giveaway on with Bitcoin cloud hashing gift bags ranging from 0.5 GH/s to 100 GH/s. Social media enthusiasts who share on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ will get one more chance to opt in for free hashing power. Free GH/s gift bags will be randomly allocated to users’ accounts after registration and their first Bitcoin cloud mining contract purchase.

How does it work?

1. Click the gift bag badge on the ZeusHash website:

ZeusHash hashing power 1

2. Go to the page where you can see the information of the gifts:

ZeusHash hashing power 2

3. Click and see how much node power you will get. Share it to get another chance to try your luck:

ZeusHash hashing power 3

4. Register and complete your first purchase to get the gifts. You will receive a confirmation email:

ZeusHash hashing power 4

NOTICE: The free hashrate will be allocated to your account after you complete your First Purchase.

You can also click your friends’ REFERRAL LINKS for the gift bags and win your friends some Free hashing power! Or post your own REFERRAL LINKS to attract friends and win yourself some Free hashing power!

Wanna SHOW OFF the BIG Gift Bag you’ve got? Share with everyone at:

Facebook: @ZeusHash
Twitter: @ZeusHash_Zeus

ZeusHash provides a simple approach in 5 easy steps to generate cryptocurrency returns in Bitcoin and Litecoin 24/7:

1. Users simply sign up on and then select the amount of mining power and type of ZeusHash node.

2. ZeusHash allocates the closest node automatically.

3. Full mining power at the closest node is now mining Bitcoin or Litecoin tirelessly.

4. Users can check their account using the ZeusHash website on PC or mobile devices and monitor their new source of Bitcoin income immediately.

5. Cloud mining enthusiasts can now turn their ROI into cryptocurrency earnings.

Now anyone can mine cryptocurrencies with as little as 1 dollar: thanks to ZeusHash the future of Cryptocurrency mining is now accessible to anyone worldwide. Everyone can join in the community and mine Bitcoin even if they know little about the technology.

ZeusMiner’s groundbreaking project ZeusHash continues to give back to the global cryptocurrency community – as the cloud mining platform with more than 10,000 satisfied users from 100 countries and active mining nodes on three continents. ZeusHash offers super fast latency speeds while keeping prices low thanks to its world class infrastructure and ability to sustain large amounts of hashing power. Their integrated technology allows users to effortlessly sign up, purchase and monitor their cryptocurrency mining  in just a few simple steps. ZeusHash offers not only world class cloud mining, but also gift bags: with the opportunity for cloud mining enthusiasts to win up to 100 GH/s of free Bitcoin mining power when registering on the site.

For more info, visit

Media Contact:

Name: Fei Hong



ZeusHash hashing power 1

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User-Friendly Bitcoin Alternative Munne Prepares To Launch After Escrow ICO Period

munnecoin logo

Bitcoin Press Release: New cryptocurrency Munne, MNE, is preparing for launch with an initial ICO phase secured via escrow with funds held on a reputable cryptocurrency exchange. Munne is encouraging a strong community by already launching, a social media platform for Munne users. The MNE wallet, now in Beta is already available for download with exclusive features like a news feed, market information, a coin ranking implementation and block explorer. Munne will be a user-friendly, fast and secure cryptocurrency where simplicity is key to promote a wider adoption in both trading and commerce.

Munnecoin is a decentralised peer-to-peer proof-of-stake cryptocurrency preparing to launch soon offering 3 % annual interest and 90 second block time. An estimated 10000000 MNE will be generated over time with no premine, all funds will be gathered over an ICO. The ICO phase will be secured via escrow and monitored by an exchange for transparency and security; if the terms of the Initial Coin Offering is met the escrow payment process can begin: if not all purchased coins would be refunded. The Munnecoin team strives to accomplish a user-friendly and ecstatically pleasing design in order to provide an ultimate user experience and stimulate a vast adoption. MNE chooses to encourage natural growth to avoid common problems faced by new altcoins. Hence Munne aims to be fully functional and easy to use right from the start.

“We saw that many people are tired of half-finished coins launched and teams that abandon their jobs, we saw many well-intentioned projects that failed because they can’t expand their ideas far from this forum. We are a real game changer, and a breath of fresh air for this environment.” – Mchrono

Munne will soon be introducing a new system to promote the use of Munne among novelty traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike in order to revolutionise both money and commerce. Munne strives to embody the belief expressed by Nobel Prize winner in Economics Milton Friedman.

“I think the internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government. The one thing that’s missing but that will soon be developed is a reliable e-cash.”

The MNE wallet is expected to be released to the public after the ICO; a fully functional version is already available for download for curious users who wish to get a feel for the design and elegant user-friendliness. The wallet contains new features exclusive for Munnecoin adopters; a news feed from two important cryptocurrency websites, market information from all currencies listed on Mintpal and Bittrex, a coin ranking section for easy overview, and a block explorer for MNE.

Munne just recently launched, the official community of Munne, a public social network hub for users. The community platform allows people worldwide to post news, ask questions and access exclusive tools related to MNE. Munne will soon be co-releasing a mobile wallet and a unique alias system, following their standard of an excellent design and user-friendliness.

With the early release of Munne’s community network Commune and fully functional wallet featuring several key functions, Munne is bringing user-friendliness and simplicity to the cryptocurrency space.

For more information please visit:

To take part in the community experience please visit:

Media Contact:

Name: Mchrono


Official Bitcointalk thread:

* This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute
investment advice or an offer to invest. Please conduct your own due diligence.




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